When people experience meeting light beings, angels, or high frequency aliens; they are drastically lowering their frequency for us to be able to see them. They are emitting so much light that if they didn’t, it would be a complete overload for us. There would be too much information, too much truth in the form of light! open_your_mind_by_jesus_krist-d5sdaxlThe whole point of ascension is us raising our frequency while light beings lower theirs so we can meet in the middle and literally experience heaven on Earth. You raise your frequency by learning, staying open to all ideas and keeping yourself in light mood. When this can happen consistently by most people on Earth, then there will be a shift in the understanding our reality. When we collectively want to understand what is really happening, we will know. We will see, feel and deeply understand the truth and it won’t be scary because we will exist in transparency……..Aayaat

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