Evolution of human 

It’s a paradox of reality  It’s a cage of ego  It’s the rage of emptiness  It’s the war of a shadow  Human .. O human… It’s the best we got  Human  O human  It’s the last us… It’s just us we got  Ancestors left their wisdom We created ladder  Now each one is climbing up […]


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“Pain Is In Mind Only”

Pain is evident so long as you connect yourself with the mind. There is no pain in sleep. If there is an inflammatory swelling on your back with throbbing pain, you do not experience any pain at night when you are asleep. Only when the mind is connected with the diseased part through nerves and […]

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“Thoughts Make The Body”

The actions of the mind alone are indeed actions; not so much those of the body. The body is really our thoughts, moods, convictions and emotions objectivised, made visible to the naked eyes. It is a point worthy to note with care that every cell in the body suffers or grows, receives a life-impulse or […]

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“Face: An Index Of Mind”

Mind is the subtle form of this physical body. The physical body is the outward manifestation of the mind. So when the mind is rough, the body is rough too. As a man of rough appearance generally cannot invoke love and mercy of others, so a rough-minded man cannot invoke love and mercy of anybody. […]

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“Functions Of Mind”

Sensation, thought and volition are the threefold functions of the mind. Cognition, desire, volition are the three mental processes. Mind has three states, viz., active, passive and neutral. Mind always wants variety and new sensations. It is disgusted with monotony. Law of Association, Law of Continuity and Law of Relativity are the three principal laws […]

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“Mental Aura”

Mind has got aura (mental aura or psychic aura). Aura is Tejas, brilliance or halo that emanates from the mind. The aura of those who have developed their minds is extremely effulgent. It can travel long distances and affect in a beneficial manner a large number of persons who come under its influence. The spiritual […]

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“Mind Is Not Atman”

In the West, the psychologists make a serious mistake in saying that consciousness is a function and attribute of the mind. It is Chit or Atman only that is Pure Consciousness Itself. Mind borrows its light from time to time from its source-Atman, the Light of lights or the Sun of suns and glitters temporarily […]

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Again …not yet again….

Its a feeling or its you Its my heart that misses you Its that beat that skips again And again …and yet again Does this distance really matter Baby we can make it better Yet u ssshhh me once again Again …..and yet again Its that feeling or its u I know she sure misses […]

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Not me at all…

You said i dont feel I dont sense you I dont love u at all You say i dont listen I dont notice I dont know u at all You say this You’ve said this You will say this all I just wanna say i love u I love you cause without you I am […]

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