vision and imagination are two powers that can create any reality and add up to it …i have noticed people always say they dream of a future they wish for it ….why not taking a step ahead and building that future with your imagination in your mind with eyes open and day dream with your vision …that activity can make the dream of your future a living goal and ones focus will be lot more apt for this ….any dream that u see and forget by the time u wake up is not your destination…. the dream that makes go sleepless and doesnt leave your sight is your destination your goal ….our third eye chakra is soully powerful to see beyond reality …even though the physical existance of it is not a factoid or even necessary to feel the power of it but with chakra balancing meditation we can awaken and activate the chakra to get the vision that consists of different dimentions ….spiritual beings have to have a strong aura that reflects the possibility of an beyond human powered persona that ensures a better leader a better mind and perfect human to be ….practice the chakra balancing sounds that wide opens the gate of your imagination that allows you to look beyond limitation and look within to seek all the answers … mote it be ..Aayaat

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