Again …not yet again….


Its a feeling or its you
Its my heart that misses you
Its that beat that skips again
And again …and yet again

Does this distance really matter
Baby we can make it better
Yet u ssshhh me once again
Again …..and yet again

Its that feeling or its u
I know she sure misses u
That makes her write again
Again yet again…

Its not a feeling oh its you
Now u know she misses you
She loses the hope gaining the pain
Again yet again
She lived again she loved again
Yet she knew it will hurt again
Again yet again

And it breaks through her delicate heart
Wounds that sored her made them apart
But she never returned again
Again ….not yet again ….

She let go off all the pain
Dripping of blood
Tears of rain
She said i love u
i love u beyond this pain
But she didnt ask for love
She didnt ask again

She didnt prove
She didnt smile
She left love and its been a while
Now she never trusted again
Again ….not yet again……


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