She never let love win over her
She kept all the doors sealed
Chained up the heart somewhere
She never wished to be healed

Days and years passed by…
Passed many of those moments
As she became sure of herself
She chained up all those comments …

She never searched this time
She never looked
She never felt incomplete
Emotions unhooked …

Her gypsy soul kept traveling
Kept traveling to unknown …
She never knew her fate had a plan …
A plan to be his own …

They met by chance she cant say that
They met like wave and shore ,
They climbed up all doubts of mountains ,
They met for heart and core ….

The depth of the distant passion
The depth of this mate …
They always treasured the love they got
They always called it fate ….

He had doubts, she had sores ,
They had so much to explain …
Oneday it all faded in love ,
Oneday they gave up the pain …


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