My sufi soul …

I walked through the rocky roads
I walked while it rained
I made it with the high mountains
I cudnt keep me tamed ..
I traveled a long way for you
I traveled thru the time
I wished for you every time
Every time that rhyme
I know you seek me everywhere
I know u seek my soul
I know we ain’t complete yet
I know its not us whole …

My love for you was ancient
My love for u is divine
The sacred souls that traveled the time
The universe that made u mine ….

I wish to find u yet again
I wish u find me soon
I wish to seek my Sufi soul
I wish to be his moon …

My Sufi soul my love of life
My Sufi soul my prayer
My Sufi soul u possess my heart
My Sufi soul always near …

I loved u for many lives
I love u for more
I feel u r close to me
I look thru the door ….

” is that u my love my Sufi soul my dear
I feel your existence I feel you so near “
I wait for the answer
I wait at the shore
I seek my Sufi soul
Everyday a lil more …..

                                          Aayaat ……

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