The Voices in my head …

I hear the voices in my head ,
Some happy crowd and some sad ones
I hear the voices all at ones …
They just have so much to say since we met 
So much to express remembering us yet ,
The happy crowd whispers
The melody of love
A huge wave of affection
Like a cinnamon donut
I smile at the thought …
I remember the nights …
Tripping on sweetness
Cute lil bites ….
I hear the happy crowd whispering again,
Drowning my thoughts into that rain ,
I remember the clumsy nite i remember u wrote .  …

“Its on my to do list”…as u quote ….
“Its on my to do list to kiss u in the rain”…
I remember u wrote that ,
I remember the rain ….
The smell of the coffee
Sitting next to u …
I can still sense the scent of it
Its not something new….
The whispers of the happy crowd …
I cant hear them anymore …
I hear the silence …
I hear the sad ones more and more. …
Scent of the coffee still feels real
Sitting with another mug
Coping with the feel…
I love the voices in my head ..
I love the whispers
Happy crowd that reminds me of u
Sad cloud that clears …


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