When we met

Your smile made me happy
Your pain gave me ache
Your silence kept speaking
Your absence made me sick

I don’t know u now
But I know I knew u then
The breeze that touched u so close
The wind which brought this rain
The sound of my soul
The music that defined my pain
U might be far from me now
But we were together then…

I said I missed u
I said I’m lost
U kept silent
But u made it to the coast…

I waited a long time
I waited like the shore
U came back to me
And I miss u no more ..

“Dont lemme lose u”
U said ” I won’t ”
” Do u feel scared ”
I said ” I don’t ”

We didn’t talk for hours
We sat still
We didn’t look for answers
Our questions went nil
I know u already
I know your soul
I know u won’t lose me
I know we were whole
We r again one now
We r one to heal ………



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