Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Take this moment in. Don’t rush it. Allow your thoughts to pass through your mind – don’t judge them, and don’t engage them. Just let the thoughts play themselves out, and continue your controlled, deep breaths. Breathing deeply dilutes stress hormones that could be coursing through our veins. Alert stillness is a beautiful, important aspect of meditation. Any energy that would be dissipated by fidgeting is conserved in the stillness. Allow yourself to relax, letting go of your mental to-do list, bringing all of your awareness within. With a deep breath, allow mature solemnity and innocent sincerity to wash over your heart and mind. Dedicate this moment to all that is Living, Loving, Good, Beautiful and True in the universe. Take a few deep breaths. Allow that conserved energy to flow naturally through your body to where it is needed most. Give a few more moments to breath and stillness. Contemplation is fertile soil for insight. Contemplation helps us understand, and understanding helps us become. Contemplate your greatest expression, your best self. Contemplate compassion. Contemplate forgiveness. Contemplate confidence and strength. Contemplate growth, progress, evolution. Contemplate faith. Contemplate logic and creativity. Contemplate health and healing. Contemplate grace and honesty. Contemplate balanced relationships. Contemplate opportunities to interact with the world in a more meaningful way. Contemplate intuition and synchronicity. Contemplate wisdom. Contemplate transformation. All this and more. Receive it now. Continue your deep breaths. Give a few more moments to breath, and to stillness, allowing insight to flow through. When you’re ready, open your eyes, check back in with your body, and begin the transition back to your day. As we move forward down the individual paths appointed to us, we do so transformed, revitalized, and ready for anything…….so mote it be …….Aayaat

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