When we truly see and feel how everything is intimately connected – we become very sensitive both mentally and emotionally. When we feel how deeply we effect each other, then we become careful in our interactions. The things you say will always be interpreted and filtered through the mind of the listener. Being as clear, direct and transparent as possible helps immensely with sensitivity. Everything is out in the open, there are no lingering vibes or awkward feelings when everyone understands one another. When you are in sync with your friends, or in our case, a group of passionate people who formed a family, you can tap into how one another feel without even asking. This can relate to the chakras and the physical points on our body. If you’re feeling a tension in your sacral that seemingly came out of no where, ask yourself if this feeling is stemming from you. If you feel it’s an external force, communicate with your partner to see if their emotional energy is bleeding over onto you. I f your solar plexus is tense in moments of communication, it can be a feeling of powerlessness. Only you can navigate your emotional system, so listen to your body and see where you’re being pushed and pulled to energetically. ….

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