The adult sex toy retailer Lovehoney reported that there is a very strong correlation between intelligence and sex drives. Based on their sales data, they showed a “heightened interest in sex among students in the Russell Group of elite universities.” Based on that data, one could extrapolate that smarter people have higher sex drives. That doesn’t however mean that they have more sex. According to a 2007 article entitled “Intercourse and Intelligence,” 80% of U.S. males and 75% of U.S. women have had sex by the age of 19. Compare that to 56% of Princeton undergraduates, 59% of Harvard undergraduates and 51% of MIT undergraduates who report having had sexual intercourse. Amazingly, only 65% of MIT graduate students have ever had sex. To me, this doesn’t mean that smart people have less sex, it means that they are pickier and smarter about it……Aayaat

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