I have caught myself a lot lately thinking about people who used to doubt me, bully me, and pick on me when I was in high school. Even 5 years after being out of highschool, I still occasionally see a sort of resentment and judgment bubble up inside me, almost as if something wants to get revenge on them in some way. If you want to get revenge on someone who has wronged you, the best way you can get back at someone is to expose them to themselves through forgiveness and compassion. That will free you from the emotional burden of being attached to what they did to you, while also making the biggest impression in their consciousness. Instead of reacting out of what is fair, just, or what you feel you are entitled to emotionally, step outside of that and simply act from grace. When their low vibration encounters your high vibration, they see their own inner shadows and will collapse into a state of humility and humbleness. Would you rather get back at someone who has wronged you by making them cry over having their feelings hurt? Or by making them cry from seeing their own darkness reflected back to them from the presence of your light? These are 3 of the most painful steps that people don’t want to take during their journey through enlightenment. It’s helpful to remember that sometimes enlightenment is about feeling pain, anger, and most of all, uncomfortable. Strive to be the greatest version of yourself, even if it makes your “self” feel a little threatened at times. Stay blessed and enlighten …Aayaat

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