Its just me …..

I am an agnostic …. Agnosticism is the view that the truth values of certain claims – especially metaphysical and religious claims such as whether or not God, the divine or the supernatural exist – “In the popular sense of the term, an agnostic is someone who neither believes nor disbelieves in the existence of God, while a theist believes that God exists, an atheist disbelieves in God”. Agnosticism is a doctrine or set of tenets rather than a religion as such….so when I travel places and visit temples its not because I’m religion blinded being its because im a seeker and i seek knowledge from all possible ways …temples are the places where lot of believe system creates an aura of power and trust that makes it a best place to find answers of your inner soul to know the answers within …i am a geek im a nerd im a strange person who doesnt fit in to this so called society ties but im the rebel one who sets the myth free ….i dig the knowledge of this infinite universe and counts my life purpose as one to unlock the mysteries …..i am passionate about my views but at the same time i have reasons that justifies my belief ….im not someone whom u can cheat in any senses and cherish a victory upon…im the one that will create the illusion of being cheated by you cause i want u to be the reason to leave ….i read everything i read everywhere im not a perfect idea for a fun get together at some pubs …im the one who is an spontaneous soul that lights up a jungle and an undecided get away in nature with all my tricks ….I’m detached soul who doesn’t get attached to emotions but experiences all of them to embrace the existence …I’m a word lover I’m space digger nature crazy lost sufi soul ….I’m a shiva believer for sure but I dont worship the shiva u paint on calendar…. I see my shiva the unknown stillness that binds the gravity and keeps the infinite universe a huge living organism …the shiva who is the absolute nothingness the stillness that is the reason for every living and dead ….the shiva who lives inside me the shiva that ain’t categorized by genders …the shiva that’s my god soul the singularity the real me which I need to find …that’s the life purpose ….I’m not judgemental nor a hater ….I let go off negative vibes rather than being effected by it …..I’m a yogini I’m a seeker I’m a traveler as a spiritual being who is experiencing the human life …..I’m the one you never wanna mess with….. im the one that’s as hard as a rock to be impressed but if u r an intellect I’m the only one who will ever praise u with a better sense ….I dont believe in degrees on papers I dig the knowledge that we lost with time ……I might not be the one who follows a crowd I am the one by whom a crowd gets countable as intellectual beings …..I’m a nature lover a tree hugger a lost sound in the nature symphony …I’m the one friend u must have to be guided well but at the same time I’m the worst enemy u can ever think of …..its nothing that’s perfect for me and that nothing creates everything in existence ……I look for nothingness that’s my shiva my love my soul my intellect my powerhouse of knowledge ……I am me cause he makes me the very me in every lifetime to seek the soul knowledge ……..DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY……..AaYaat RaJput…

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